Need of Bjj Gi While Training

Need of Bjj Gi While Training

If you have decided to learn Japanese martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu then now it’s the time to think about your first Bjj Gi. Even after getting perfect training in this art you are not prepared because Bjj gi is the only thing which will help you get victory in fighting ground. In starting if you don’t know its advantages then you will feel that it is waste to spend money in it. That’s why here I will tell you that how important and beneficial is it to use it while training.
Some instructors also tell their students to use it but there are some instructors who advised not to use it. But actually they are wrong. If you want to learn this martial art in proper way then you should use it. It will give you a self confidence that you are taking the training in correct way and you are ready to fight it on competitive level which is must in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

While competition every trainer has a dream to achieve Bjj belts as much as possible in their career. Some people think that it is possible through hard work and continuous practice but besides it they need Bjj Gi also. Some where it is a rule also to practice Bjj with it. And if you want to build your career bright in martial arts then it is for you only. Those who are learning it have heard the name of the International Brazilian Jiu jitsu Federation. They have some rules on the basis of which you should purchase BJJ Gi. Their rules are related to the size, weight, colors of Bjj Gi. These rules are there to ensure that no one could use any illegal Gi to defeat opponent.
So be careful while purchasing first Bjj GI otherwise you may have to face many problems while going to fight it on competitive level. According to the rules of IBJJF, you can use only black, white and blue colors Bjj Gi. Mixing of this color is not allowed. Remember always use same color of pant and top, don’t use different color in top and pant. Your Gi should be made up of soft fabric and it should not be too hard otherwise it may be opposed. Keep them in good condition for competition. Its length should also be up to knee means not too high and not too less. Also keep your Gii’s in a hygienic condition, wash them regularly and dry it properly.

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