Top benefits of capoeira

Capoeira is a form of martial arts that traces its origin in Africa and Brazil during the period of slavery. It’s martial arts combined with a dance that helps one exercise the body. It helps in body toning, strengthens the quadriceps, hamstrings and the buttocks when you do it as a routine dance. There are lots of cartwheels, spinning, and kicking involved in capoeira and all these are performed in a dance sequence. Acrobatics, music, and dance are all incorporated in the fitness schedule and this makes it so rich for fitness.

Following are the top benefits of capoeira

Body strength

When performing the capoeira exercises, there is a lot of movement of the upper body. There are headstands where you move around on hands, roll, poses and such. Here, your core and abs are fully engaged and the result is always fantastic upper body strength. Again, with many movements that engage the abs and the core strength, your body can cope with the rigorous movements. With time, your body builds slow and quick twitch fibers which improve your blood flow, flexibility and enhance your visibility and co-ordination.

Capoeira reduces stress

Just like the Yoga exercises, when you do these exercises regularly, the body and mind are relaxed. The body endorphins are boosted and this turns your mood to a better one in no time. Have you had days stress, struggling with an issue that doesn’t seem to go away any time soon, try capoeira, it’s an amazing way to get relieved.

Cardio fitness and stamina

With the capoeira exercise, you require a lot of energy due to the heavy workout involved. With constant repetition of the movements and the exercise generally, the muscles are engaged in groups and this leads to amazing cardio fitness. If you do this on a routine basis, your body develops endurance and thus generally fit.

Enhances body speed

The essence of capoeira is to train the body on doing all movements fluidly and within a short span. This makes your response time amazing and your body becomes agile in responding to the moves of others. Therefore, doing this routinely enhances your body response speed, making it excellent.

Helps you gain confidence

When doing the capoeira routine practices, there is a sense of pride that is instilled within you. Besides the energy and the stamina that you get through these exercises, you also gain confidence that will make you do things your peers have never imagined doing. You can tackle a tough assignment and take risks that will result in great gains.

Helps you live authentically

This type of martial art gives you the confidence to face life issues and therefore you have nothing to fear. Thus you can express your unique voice even amid a challenge. Don’t you think that is a great gain in your life?

Helps you learn a new culture

As aforesaid, capoeira is a form of martial arts that traces its roots in the slavery time and is connected to Africa and Brazil. The workouts have maintained a style unique to the Brazilian and African culture. Therefore, when going through the training, you have an opportunity of learning these unique cultures and some bit of their languages.

Have your daily workouts become so boring and you feel like giving up? Then, you can try one of the most interesting martial arts, the capoeira- the experience is great, with amazing results.