There are many benefits of investing in personal seat license (PSL) ownership for your favorite NFL (National Football League) team. There is an opportunity to make money on your PSL if there comes a time when you do not need it. Ownership of a PSL guarantees you a particular seat in a stadium where your favorite team plays. It also automatically puts you in the first line of purchasing a ticket for other public events in the stadium, including NFL season tickets.

Many NFL owners sell PSLs to generate funds for projects like building or furnishing new stadiums; therefore, the fans financially participate in such projects through buying tickets. PSL is full ownership. But one can sell NFL PSLs if they no longer need them. There is a market that supports the sale of PSL, and you can get more or less than what it cost you initially, which is why many people keep on asking if they can make money investing in PSLs.

Buy and sell tickets.

If you are a PSL holder, you need to buy seasons tickets. Otherwise, you risk forfeiting your PSL ownership. In simple words, it’s an obligation to buy the season’s tickets every year if you want to maintain your seat. You can break down the season’s tickets and sell them in the resale market every year. But there is no guarantee of making a profit. You may be forced to sell them at less than you bought them at times. If your team is good enough to qualify for the playoffs, you can profit from selling post-season tickets.

You need a broker

You need an online broker to access the most liquid market for your PSL. Note that you have to pay them a commission out of the sale. Some markets charge up to 10% commission on the sale of the PSL. As such, it might e advisable to wait for your PSL to skyrocket its value. But that might require you to hold the PSL for a long time until you get the value you want.

The PSL is tied to the team.

PSL value depends on the demand of the season tickets for your particular team. Keep in mind that people don’t line up in stadiums to watch losing teams play. So your PSL value is directly connected to the performance of the team. If the team is in a long slump, then your PSL value could decrease.

PSLs value has consistently increased as a team’s performance gets good. If you want to profit from reselling tickets, your team must be good, which you have no control over. To find out the value of your PSL, you can have an appraisal in one of the online websites that provide a marketplace for PSLs.

The bottom line

If you are an NFL die-hard fan, PSL ownership comes with its benefits. Other than taking it as an investment, look at the other perks it gives you, like guaranteed access to season tickets purchase and tickets of other events taking place in the stadium. You also get to access members-only team activities with your favorite players.