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Thriller movies are the type of film that promotes suspense, intense excitement, a high level of anticipation, ultra-high expectations, anxiety, uncertainty, and a very nerve-wrecking tension. Plots of thriller movies usually involve characters which come into conflict with known or unknown outside forces, or with each other; the threat is sometimes gloomy or even abstract.

If this genre is to be strictly interpreted, a genuine thriller is a movie that relentlessly chases a single-minded goal, and while doing so, it provides a great deal of thrills and keeps the audience ‘’on their toes’’ as the movie plot builds with the suspense towards the climax. The tension generally arises when the lead character (or characters) is either stationed in a menacing situation, pulled into some sort of a mystery, or finds him/herself in the middle of a dangerous mission from which escape seems virtually impossible. A big threat hangs over the characters’ lives, in some cases because the lead character is obliviously involved in a potentially deadly situation, and in other cases due to unexpected twists within the group, struggling to disentangle from the grip of darkness.

Like with many other films, thriller movies also ‘’dance’’ with many other movie genres, but the ones they ‘’tango’’ with the most frequently are crime, horror, and mystery. Movies from the older days, when moving picture was in the up-and-coming phase, thrillers like Safety Last, Murders at the Zoo, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931), The Bat Whispers, and The Picture of Dorian Gray were created, and are even today very well-appreciated movies.

Thriller films, that blend well with either horror, mystery, or crime genre separately, or mix a piece of each altogether are movies that are well-worth watching; Zodiac, Reservoir Dogs, The Silence of the Lambs, Memories of Murder, Memento, Seven, Shutter Island, Identity, and many more. And when we talk about thrillers, we must not forget to mention the amazing director Alfred Hitchcock, who shocked, scared, and amused us all at once with his astounding thrillers, such as Psycho, Vertigo, The Birds, Suspicion, and Blackmail.

But if you prefer a touch of humor with a thrilling movie, you simply have to give a chance to Charade, True Lies, The Stunt Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, andMr. and Mrs. Smith.

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