How to Choose the Right Football Shoes

The shoes are probably the most important gear you need to play football. But do you know the things that you should look into when buying professional shoes for football? Read this post to find out.  

From protection, traction, to support, the shoes that you wear while playing football play multiple roles. In fact, almost all the other gears or accessories that football players wear are mostly for safety and not performance.

As the shoes are abundantly responsible for your performance on the field, their selection should be made with the utmost care and attention. If you want to buy high-quality shoes for football, keep the below-mentioned tips in mind-

  1. Start with the Ground Surface

Before you start getting into the details of the shoes, focus on the type of surface you generally play football on. This is because the shoes can be differentiated on the basis of different ground surfaces. There are shoes for dry surfaces, soft surfaces, hard surfaces, smooth surfaces, and artificial surfaces.

In most cases, the performance of the shoes suffers significantly, if they are used on a surface for which they’re not designed.

  1. Think About the Material

Once you’ve selected the type of shoes, choose the material that you think would suit you best. Shoes for playing football are now made from many different kinds of materials. While natural leather was mostly used in the past, there are now innovative materials that are durable and yet light in weight.

Most players, especially beginners, generally prefer shoes made from synthetic materials for its durability and affordability.

  1. Right Fit

It is imperative for the shoes to fit snugly. Loose fitting shoes can not only result in blisters but can also affect your performance. Most brands follow the international shoe sizing guide, allowing players to select the size easily. However, some brands do not. Thus, make sure you check the size guide of the brand you are buying from before making your pick.

Also, if you’re going for synthetic shoes, there is no need to go for a slightly smaller size like most people do when buying leather shoes. Synthetic shoes do not stretch like leather, and it is better to go with the exact size you need.

  1. Your Playing Style and Position

Your playing style and position also impacts your shoe selection. If you run a lot on the field, you’ll need a lightweight shoe with better control. Similarly, if you don’t run much, go with a more protective and stable boot. If you play in the forward position, prefer lightweight leather shoes that have blades or buy light studs for acceleration and accuracy.

Central midfielders and wingbacks are advised to buy mid-weight shoes that allow easy passing and shooting. Goalkeepers and defenders should focus on strong and durable shoes that offer excellent grip and stability while also minimising the risk of an injury.

  1. Ankle Height of the Shoes

Last but not least is the ankle height of the shoes. You can find football shoes with mid and low angle heights. Shoes with mid profiles offer extra protection to the ankle but limit the players range of motion to an extent.

If you’re a defensive player, this ankle protection can be very useful. However, if you’re a winger or forward, it is better to stick to low-profile ankle height for a better range of motion.

Boost Your Performance with the Best Football Shoes

Selecting the right shoes for football is easier than you might think. Just keep these points in mind and choose a reputed brand in order to pick a pair of shoes that can boost your performance on the field while also offering utmost comfort and safety.