What is The Technique Used by Basketball Players to Strengthen Wrists?

One of the techniques used by the basketball players to strengthen wrists is fingertips pull-ups or pushups. It is the most effective wrist strengthening exercise for the basketball players. In this technique, fingertips are supporting your body weight.

Moreover, it will build up-skill in your wrists and increase the wrist power. Plus, it will develop fast-twitch fibres in your shoulders, arm, and chest. This exercise is used by many basketball players to tone their muscles. Usually, this exercise of floppy wrist is practised by cricketers and for basketball players.

Strong and stiff wrists are essential in manual work, sports, and daily life. Strengthening wrists is essential for a variety of sports such as hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket, etc. some firm and gentle exercises can help relieve wrist pain and common wrist injury. Hence these exercises can be done at home or the gym.

However, there are few other techniques used by basketball players to strengthen wrists which we will discuss in this article.

Common Techniques Used by Basketball Players To Strengthen Wrists

Shooting Heavy Workout Basketballs

Workout basketballs are more substantial than standard basketballs used for playing. By using heavy ones can improve your wrist strength. Moreover, heavy workout basketball will increase your shooing range. Plus, it will increase your ability to release the ball properly. Remember to wear the best basketball shoes for dunking. So if you can flick your wrist with heavy workout basketball, it means you can easily do the same thing with regular basketball while playing.

Waving Goodbye Drill

It is one of the most effective techniques used by basketball players to strengthen wrists. A simple exercise will increase your wrist strength. Moreover, it will make your muscles flexible. Also used for molding muscle memory. For doing this, you need to place your arms in front of you and make an “L” letter shape with each arm, plus, lock your elbows just as shooting a basketball. And locking your elbows firmly at a place, snap your wrists in back and forth movement as quickly as possible for one or one and half a minute. Hence, it will look like you are very aggressively waving goodbye to someone. Also, remember to wear the best basketball shoes for flat feet for relaxing your feet while exercising.

Drills of Ball Handling

It will work wonders. Make a routine for ball handling dexterity drills while wearing the best basketball shoes for quick guards and jumping. It includes a spider dribble, weak hand dribble, figure-8 dribble, and a continuous dribble. By doing these exercises, you can strengthen your wrists and improve your dribbling ability.

Moreover, you can add something challenging like holding your arms against the wall or passing the ball back and forth between hands, but make use to use only your fingertips without bending your arms.

To Conclude

Thank you for visiting our website, try these gentle exercises to strengthen wrists at home or the gym, as it will help reduce your wrist’s soreness and common wrist injury.