Why not play a nice game of futsal?

Futsal is a modified form of football, with only five players per side and on a much smaller pitch than traditional football games and more often than not, played indoors. The game is exciting and fast-paced and is often the first game young athletes play, in order to become skilled in the more well-known 11-a-side version of the game. If you are looking to keep feet and get back into the game why not grab yourself some Discount Football Kits from a supplier such as https://www.kitking.co.uk/, gather some of your friends together and head off to your local futsal team.

Below are just a few reasons footballers should give the modified game a go.

1 It improves upon support play

The increased demand for support play forces you and your teammates around you to read the game and be prepared to support one another during a tricky challenge from the opposition. Not only will this improve upon your own support play, but will force you to notice new opportunities when they present themselves, giving you a more diverse method of play.

2 It improves ball control

Playing in a tighter space with a smaller number of players on your team and, therefore, fewer opportunities to pass the ball when challenged, helps players to improve their ball control and enables them to build upon existing skill

3 It improves fitness

The increase in speed of the game creates a larger demand for fitness from the players on the pitch. In order to compensate for the missing players in a traditional football match, players need to work twice as hard. This effectively develops physical conditioning, which will improve their game when they make the transition back to the football pitch.

Of course, for serious athletes, this should be done alongside a regular exercise programme to maintain optimum fitness levels –


4 It forces you to think on your feet

The constant pressure from the opposition, combined with the reduction in players on the pitch, results in an increased speed of play. This forces players to read the game and think quickly about their next move.

5 It’s fun

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the game of futsal is enjoyable. It tests your abilities no matter what level you play at, and is, therefore, a stimulating and entertaining sport for all ages and standards of play to join in with. Why not give it a try today?