Get Familiar with Rugby Betting Types Before Wagering

Rugby originated in the UK and is popular across the world. It is split into two codes Rugby League and Rugby Union. There are plenty of similarities in both games like passing the ball backward and getting points for penalties, conversions, and tries. In Rugby Union, when the player falls on the ground, he cannot hold on to the ball. If he does, he gets penalized. On the other hand, in Rugby League, a team can get tackled 5 times before they kick the ball.

In Australia, Rugby Union is a favorite game since the 1800s. Rugby Union matches are physically inherent and competition is brought on the playgrounds with intense rivalries and lots of bet types. BlueBet offers a range of opportunities to bet in every sports match. In a football match, customers generally wager on the team they assume have the high chances to win.

In the case of rugby, the possibilities are less competitive. If the game is a high-scoring and one-sided affair then the handicap market will offer great value. offers a wide selection of rugby league and rugby union matches covering the popular European competitions. It offers odds on National Rugby Championships, Super Rugby, World Cup Challenge, and many more.

What are the types of bet offered?

Match betting

The simple betting is to wager on the match result. You need to choose the team you support and choose away win, draw, or home win. In rugby, a match draw is rare!

Handicap betting

Bookmakers offer handicap odds to level unfair coordinated matches. It gives a chance for the underdogs. For example, in a match between Melbourne Storm vs. Canberra Raider, the former are the favorites at 13.5 points.

You bet on Canberra raider with +13.5 handicaps. It means they gain an advantage of 13.5 points. If Canberra raider wins the match or loses it with >13 points, you win the wager. If Melbourne Storm wins with 14+ points you will lose the wager. You can see that even if the teams look mismatch, handicap odds create interest and gives the punters good opportunities to win.

Outright Bets

It is based on the entire competition or league’s outcome instead of individual matches. Punters place ante-post outright bets before the season starts. You can bet outright markets during competition. Outright odds can be great if you have no favorites participating in the match.

Other betting odds

  • Tryscorer bets offer varieties like first tryscorer, last tryscorer, or anytime scorer.
  • A half time or full time means who will lead in the 1st and 2nd part of the match.
  • First scoring play, where you choose a penalty, drop-kick, or try that will occur first.

How to profit from rugby betting?

When you bet with real money on matches, look through the game list. Check the handicap lines bookmaker has made. Identify which team has the highest possibility to cover the handicap line and win. You will need to research the participating rugby team. Is the star player of a specific side injured? Has the team been on form lately or losing games a lot?