How Do You Make Skateboard Bearings Last Longer?

The key to smooth and fast skating is clean skateboard bearings. Over time, dirt and other gunk will build up inside your bearings, causing your board to slow down or seize up. If you want your skateboard to last longer, it’s important to maintain its bearings regularly.

Why should you maintain your bearings?

When bearings get worn out, they can slow down. You’ll notice that your skateboard doesn’t roll as smoothly or as far anymore, no matter how hard you push. Speed isn’t the only reason for maintaining your bearings — it’s also a major risk. Broken or worn-out bearings can make your wheels lock up or fall off.

How often should you clean your bearings?

It’s a good idea to invest in high-quality bearings, such as ceramic and titanium, though they might be more expensive. The higher the quality, the less frequent you have to clean skateboard bearings. Ideally, you should replace your bearings every two years, but you should consider replacing your bearings if:

  • You currently use low-quality bearings
  • You notice that your bearings slowed down
  • Your bearings are broken

Types of Bearings

Steel Bearing Maintenance

Steel bearings are the most common and economical type of bearings. The problem with them, however, is that steel easily expands with heavy use. It heats up and inflates the steel, which over time will ruin the bearings. Steel bearings are also prone to rust.

Ceramic Bearing Maintenance

Ceramic bearings require less maintenance and are ideal for frequent skaters. This is because ceramic bearings produce less friction, which means they don’t require as much lubricant.

How to make skateboard bearings last longer

Avoid Water

Stay away from water, as water can cause rust. Steer clear of puddles and avoid skating in the rain to prolong the life of your steel bearings. It’s also a lot safer since skating on wet ramps and pavement increases the chances of slipping and falling. If you happen to skate on water, immediately dry your bearings.

Maintain clean skateboard bearings

Having clean skateboard bearings can extend their lifespan. Over time, bearings will get worn out which can noticeably affect speed. Cleaning your bearings makes your skateboard feel brand-new, and you’ll soon enjoy faster and lighter skating with smooth-rolling bearings.  To clean them, you will need only a handful of materials, such as a lubricant, wrench, dry rags, solvent, and a bowl.

Bottom Line

Well-maintained bearings can help you perform expert skateboard tricks in no time. Bearings maintenance can be tiresome, but having clean and quality bearings ensure your safety and let you enjoy your skateboard to the fullest.