Improving Your Golf Game in 2021 – Tips and Tricks

It should not go without saying that the current climate and lockdown situation has stifled sport for most people, not just the golf community. However, soon it is predicted that restrictions will be relaxed, and golf courses can open again. Therefore, it is worth considering some additional golf tips and techniques that can help you when golf is eventually allowed to make a return in the UK, at all levels.

Mentality in Golf

Firstly, most of us will not have played golf, or any sport, in quite a while. Therefore, before even dusting down your golf clubs, it might be worth having a think about past rounds you have played and any learnings you have taken from them. This will help you remember what was working for you the last time you played 18 holes, and what is the focus for your improvements moving forward.

Another good tip here is to take some inspiration from other golfers on how they prepare after a long period of time away from the golf course. For most people, things probably feel a bit flat at the moment, and when you tee off for the first time in spring, you will want to be a sharp as possible mentally. Therefore, consider reading some of these books to try and start building some confidence and mental preparation for when golf returns in the UK, because it could be sooner than you think. You can also try watching golf videos online, as well as old golf tournaments such as highlights of The Masters which took place in November 2020 in Augusta. This should inspire you to get back on the golf course, as well as teaching you a few pro tips along the way.

Keeping it Consistent

Most pro golfers will tell you that it is not just about hitting 300-yard drives, or sinking long range puts, that makes you a good golfer, it is all about consistency. This applies to a range of aspects in your golf game such as timing, technique, and preparation before each shot. Let us take technique as an example. Most people will have a technique that works for them, which is great, but it can be improved and made more consistent. Make sure your hands are positioned correctly, maintaining the same grip throughout, and be sure to not grip the firmly which can add unwanted tension when you make contact with the ball. Be sure to practice your alignment, between your shoulders, feet and hips, as this is good starting point for a consistent golf technique. Consider using an alignment stick or rod, when practicing your swing.

If you are right-handed, try to maintain a reasonably straight left side when you are striking the ball and be sure to keep your head aligned slightly behind the ball during your swing. This will ensure your weight is positioned correctly throughout the swing. Combining these tips will help make your swing more consistent.

Relax and Enjoy it

This is true of any sport, when trying to perform, but is is particularly true of golf which is such a confidence-based game. If you approach the round relaxed, you will find that the good shots are more enjoyable, and the bad shots don’t matter as much. This makes for a great round of golf and also makes you appreciate the attractive scenery that comes with most golf courses. Don’t forget that its mostly about having fun, which is what is most needed after the recent lockdowns.

These three tips will help to make you a more rounded golfer, as well as encourage some more relaxed and fun styles of golf. When the golf courses do open, be sure to book your tee time soon. You might also want to find a new golf course in your area that you have not tried before. Try using to find a local golf course and get yourself first in line to tee off when golf courses across the UK open in the near future.

As of yet there is no news on when the courses will reopen, but previously they have been one of the first things to open after lockdown, so we hope to be back playing 18 holes very soon.