Learn all about Fire Blankets and the necessary considerations while choosing one

One of the most functional pieces of protection and safety equipment that you can have in your house is a fire blanket. It is easy to open and can be utilized by putting out a small fire by covering the spot or even yourself in case you have to get closer to the fire. There are no requirements for training or special skills to make use of a fire blanket.

You can also use it to avert major fire disasters and takes up to no space in your drawer or cupboard. Want to buy a good fire blanket? Here is all the help you need before getting into the market. You are ought the considerations regarding your product.

How does it work?

Silicone and fiberglass are the common material used in the manufacture of fire blankets. When you have a small fire that needs to be blown out, you will have to take the blanket out from the pouch, and place or throw is right on top of the flames. Fire blankets take out the fire by suffocating it from oxygen. When the fire receives no oxygen, it gets hard for the fire to sustain, and it burns out.


You will find fire blankets in various sizes. The range starts from exactly 1 square meter and normally goes to 2 square meters; however, larger sizes are also available. Nevertheless, best fire blankets always get folded and can be stored in any place you wish. The larger the size of the blanket, the more fire it will be capable of extinguishing.


  • Pouch – fire blanket’s pouch is generally made out of bright colors. You can either store the pouch in your main drawer, cabinet, and any easy-to-reach spot or hung it on a wall. The specific instructions are commonly included on the exterior of the pouch.
  • Signage – while in a commercial setting, choosing a fire blanket with signage is definitely a good idea. In case of emergency, people tend to search for highly visible indications to make sure where and how the emergency equipment is used.
  • Price–the great number of fire blankets cost about $10 to $25. The price entirely depends on the size of the fire blanket. The most commonly used size, i.e., one square meter, will be available in $10 and the price increments as the size does.