Medals Are the Most Efficient Confidence Boosters

Confidence and competition (specifically sports) were found to be related, according to recent studies. It shows that more percentage of women attribute their self-confidence to having supportive family and friends, with game participation an important factor to boost self-esteem. In fact, numerous participants had expressed their positive experiences with a particular competition, and how it has aided them in finding the real value within them as well as improve the other facets of their lives by winning so many medals that a medal hanger is needed.

Reality slaps us that self-esteem is one big part of our lives. It is definitely degrading on someone’s part when he sees a peer getting a medal or trophy and not getting one for them. Any type of honor or award can make people feel as if they play an integral role in a team and that might boost their confidence.

Take this for an instance:

The NBA player Kobe Bryant shared in his documentary Muse about how his accomplishments helped him increase the level of confidence he has. According to the popular basketball player, “the thing that was always the most constant was the game.” He then added that it was the place he could go and have full familiarity regardless of where he was.

Kurt Fearnley, a three-time Australian Paralympic Gold Medalist also shared how sports and winning medals helped him boost his overall self-esteem. As what he stated, “Achieving success in sport is just like achieving success in other areas of your life.” Multiple victories and medal hangers or medal displays filled with medals representing past victories should not be underestimated.

Especially in youth competitions, medals deliver a powerful message

Children are delicate ones, and they need a confidence booster to further motivate them. You don’t need to “ignore” the capabilities of kids who were not able to fully show what they got in a sport or contest – a certificate or small trophies/medals will do. After all, they dedicate enthusiasm, time, and effort so they also deserve to receive something touchable to make them feel that their participation in the said competition was worthy. This something can be a medal display or a medal hanger for the won medals, but a wall holder for medals should also be considered.

Participation medals, certificates, or trophies require hangers for medals but also remind these little creatures that they were part of a team, aside from recognizing their unparalleled effort. This will give them an idea that success doesn’t always mean winning over competitors and taking home the bacon, rather working cooperatively and becoming a solid team.

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