What to Consider As You Shop For the Best Knee Guards

Are you in the market for a knee guard? Do you need for injury prevention, such as in sports, or due to an injury you are nursing? While nursing an injury, for example, ACL injury, knee guards come in handy by slowing and limiting movements, allowing you to regain your motion gradually. Knee guards are also useful to people with arthritis or experiencing knee pain as it helps to reduce pain and inflammation. While a doctor’s recommendation is advisable, if you are dealing with such concerns, you can also shop and find the best knee guards in Singapore by considering certain factors.

Among the top considerations include;

Establish your needs

Why do you need the knee guards? Is it for rehabilitation and pain management or as a safety measure in situations such as high contact sport? Well, following your needs, you can determine which protection level would be best suited for your situation. There are four standard protection levels, with 1 offering the least and 3+ the most protection.

Level 1 or primary provides minimal support and compression while providing warmth, an ideal option for people suffering minor pains and strains. Level 2 or advanced knee guards have lightweight metal or plastic that offers support to the knee, with some offering extra support with straps to caution against twisting or sideways movements. This option is ideal for people with moderate ligament instabilities, recovering sprains, or swelling. It is also suitable for individuals seeking pain relief from chronic conditions.

Level 3 or maximum knee guards offer tighter compression and better support stability, and it is an ideal choice for people looking for post-surgical joint protection, proactive injury protection, and moderate or significant instabilities. Level 3+ or maximum+ offers same protection as 3, but with added features that enhance comfort and convenience. It is ideal for therapeutic recovery and post-surgical joints protection and any other instance that calls for maximum support.

Determine the best fit

Knee guards are designed with specific situations in mind. For instance, rehabilitative guards are meant to limit further damage to the knee by reducing movements after surgery or injury. In contrast, prophylactic guards are designed to offer protection during intensive activities such as high contact sports such as football. Before hitting the market for the best knee guards in Singapore, therefore, you need to do a little research and determine which option is best suited for your situation.

Consider the type

From sleeves, wraps, hinged, straps to custom knee guards, your quest for the best knee guards in Singapore can be quite overwhelming. Following your needs, however, you can choose the most suitable solution. Consider the comfort and convenience of wearing the knee guard as well, as you don’t want a solution that feels like a challenge in itself.

Your budget plays a vital role while shopping for the best knee guards in Singapore. However, remember that safety comes first. As such, it is advisable to go for value over saving a few bucks with a knee guard that can barely deliver the much-needed support in your situation.