Choosing the perfect women’s golf shoe

According to the UK golfing website The Golf Business, the number of women playing golf is on the rise. Fortunately, sportswear companies have cottoned on to the potential market and there is now a greater choice than ever in clothes and equipment for women. So, when it comes to choosing golf shoes for women, by balancing comfort, style and function, you should be able to find the perfect fit.


While you want your feet to feel comfortable, you need to be sure you aren’t slipping all over the green. The conditions you are likely to be playing in might be the deciding factor. If you often play in wet and potentially slippery conditions, it is probably worth sacrificing a little comfort for the additional stability that spiked shoes can offer. However, if where you play tends to be warmer and drier you can probably manage without spikes and could even consider one of the sandal type shoes that are available.


This really comes down to how much use you expect to get from a pair of shoes. If you don’t play very often, then durability will be less of an issue. But if you are getting your golf shoes out on a regular basis, it might be worth investing a little more in a shoe that will last. Leather is generally more durable than knit material. It is also easier to clean and maintain in good condition. With care, a pair of good quality leather shoes will last longer than those made of other materials.

Value for money

Before you head for your local sports store, make sure you know what you are looking for and have a clear idea of your budget. There is no need to go for the top of the range as there are plenty of less pricey shoes which offer value for money and will meet all your requirements.

How they look

As well as giving a good performance, you will want your shoes to match your overall look. And there is no need to compromise when it comes to style. You can go for colourful or classy styles such as Tony Sport‘s patent leather shoes. If you prefer a more classic athletic look, something from Puma’s waterproof suede range might fit the bill. Just keep in mind any restrictions or regulations your club or tournament might have.

Top Brands

Buying from one of the top recognized sports brands should allow you to balance the best sports features with value for money. Here are a few you should check out


Combines years of experience with the latest style to offer quality and value for money. Shoes are available in different width fitting to ensure the perfect fit.


Offers top-quality high-performance shoes worn by professionals. However, they are available across the whole price range so you should be able to find something within your budget.


Although not available in such a wide range of styles, their quality and durability still make Nike the first choice for many golfers.

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