3 Sports You Can Get Into At Any Age

Whether your child is entering high school soon and you’re trying to help them decide on a sport to become involved in, or you have recently reached retirement age and are looking for a new hobby to pick up, there are plenty of sports out there that you can do no matter your age or skill level. Some sports may require a higher level of athleticism, but you can work on that too! If you’re looking for a new fun and active way to pass the time, read on. Here are 3 sports you can get into at any age. 


As long as you’re strong enough to hold a bowling ball and are able to take a few steps and twist your body a bit, you can definitely learn to bowl. One of the best things about bowling is that it’s a pretty leisurely activity that can be shared across generations, making it the perfect sport for grandparents to do with their grandchildren! 

It’s also something fun to do casually for a night out with friends or coworkers. The rules are fairly simple and easy to learn and tutorials can be found online if you’re unsure. Most bowling alleys also offer classes if you’d like to get a little bit better at it.


Golf is another great sport that you can do whether you’re young or old. With the use of a golf cart, it doesn’t require much strenuous activity but it’s still an excellent way to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. It’s fun to play with friends and can be done at your own pace. 

Of course, the one downfall to golf is that it can be a little expensive – especially when you’re just getting started. If you don’t want to purchase a set of clubs, you’ll have to rent them. Additionally, there is a fee to play a round of golf at any course. Renting a cart will be a separate fee as well. Keep these costs in mind and consider hitting up a driving range first to get some practice before you hit the course! 


For something a little more athletic, you might want to give tennis a try. It’s perfect because you only need one other person to practice or play with, and you can really get a good workout depending on how long you play. It’s simple to learn and keep score, and tennis courts are often in public parks so you can play for free! All you’ll need are some rackets, balls, and a little bit of patience. 

No matter your age or energy levels, it’s never too early or too late to start playing a new sport. If you’re just hoping to find something to do in your free time or you’re feeling a little competitive, try the options on this list.