5 Huge Nutrition Mistakes That Lead To Weight Gain

Obesity is quickly becoming a huge epidemic all around the world and unfortunately, one of the reasons why is that people do not really understand nutrition. They want to lose weight fast and become misinformed as they trust random information they find on the internet. While there are some resources that you can trust, like https://motify.com/list/categories, most are not actually correct. Due to this, here are the huge nutrition mistakes that millions make and that you have to avoid.

Believing All Calories Are Created Equal

There are actually good calories and bad calories. What you ingest when you eat vegetables, for instance, are good calories. The calories you get when you eat a burger are almost all bad. That is due to how much insulin is released by your body as it is impacted by consumed calorie types, not quality, as way too many think.

Eating Only Diet Or Low-Fat Food

Diet foods, low-fat foods, and processed foods are often mentioned as being ideal for weight loss. However, this is not always the case. Most of them include a lot of sugar that was added to improve the taste. Due to this, they do not keep you full. In the long term, they make you feel hungrier and there is a good possibility you will end up eating a lot more than you actually need. As a rule of thumb, choose foods that offer a good combination of valuable nutrients and opt for food that is minimally processed.

Too Little Protein

Protein is vital for our body, especially if we want to lose weight. When the diet is high in protein, it reduces your appetite, improves your metabolism and impacts different hormones that are responsible for regulating weight in a positive way. At the same time, muscle mass is protected as you lose weight. Due to this, it is very important that you consume as much protein as the body needs.

A Lack Of Fiber

When you add enough fibers to your meals, you end up reducing your appetite as fibers fill you up faster. Also, they help you lose weight because the body ends up absorbing fewer calories from what you eat. According to different studies, doubling daily fiber intake volume can lead to 130 fewer absorbed calories. This may not seem like enough but it can definitely help.

Eating Way Too Often

So many nutritionists say that you have to eat often and recommend a number of meals per day. The official advice is to eat smaller portions and do it several times during a day when weight loss is desired. This comes as opposed to the 3 meals per day we are used to.

Studies showed us that losing weight is a lot easier when we eat because we are hungry and only then. That is due to the fact that when you eat too often, although you consume a lower quantity, you end up putting in way too many calories throughout the day. It is simply a lot better to eat just when you are hungry.