Formula One replica helmet – learn more about those helmets

Are you a fan of Formula One and you always wanted to buy a helmet that your favourite driver wear during important events, such as international championships? Now you have an opportunity to buy such a helmet. It is obvious that it is not the same iteam that the famous driver worn but it is a full size replica helmet that can be worn even while riding karts or motorcycles because it has all necessary certificates. Read this article to the end to learn more about replica helmets and a place where you can purchase them in reasonable prices.

1. Fernando Alonso replica helmet

2. Other replica helmets worth considering

Fernando Alonso replica helmet

Fernando Alonso is an outstanding racing driver who participated in Formula One World Championship for the Renault team. Fernando Alonso was very successful and he won the Formula One World Championships twice in 2005 and 2006. He also won many other racings and today at the age of 39, he is one of the most recognizable racing drivers in the world. Alonso has lots of supporters who collect every item connected with the driver, including replica helmets. If you are one of them, you should check the offer of the online store and see the most popular fernando alonso helmet for sale.

The name of the product is Fernando Alonso 2013 Formula One replica helmet full size. This is the exact replica helmet that Fernando Alonso worn in 2006 when he won Formula One World Championship for the second time. The fernando alonso helmet for sale is full of colours that symbolize Spanish flag. There are also logos of the sponsors, for example Telefonica and Han jin. The product is made of high quality components that make the helmet strong, safe and long lasting. Before you purchase the replica helmet, you should make some significant choices when it comes to the final look of the helmet. The things that need to be chosen are following:

– size: from S to XL

– visor: black or clear

– extra visor: extra black or clear

– hans anchors: yes or no

– the colour of interior: grey, red, white, black, beige, blue or green.

Moreover, every buyer of fernando alonso helmet will also get a flag with the driver for free as well as free of charges worldwide delivery. The basic price of the helmet is USD 699.

Other replica helmets worth considering

The offer of the online store is very rich. There are numerous replica helmets to choose from, for example Michael Schumacher, Bruno Senna and a lot more.