Randal Benjamin States Why Sports Like Basketball Is Good for Your Health

Today, more and more people are becoming addicted to computers and web series on Netflix and the like. They refuse to go out and do some exercise as they find it monotonous and boring. Sitting at home and work is not good for anyone. It is important to be active and on the move.  If you do not like to hit the gym or even lift weights, you can always opt for sports. You can get into team games like hockey, football, and basketball where you not only exercise, but you can socially interact with your teammates as well. In short, embracing sports in any form does a lot of good to your mental and physical well-being!

Randal Benjamin Highlights on The health benefits of playing basketball

When it comes to team sports, basketball is widely played across the world and the USA. In fact, besides being an entertaining sport, basketball has several health benefits. Randal Benjamin is a well-known athlete in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a huge fan of Oakland Riders and LA Lakers, and he shares his love for the game with everyone. He says that basketball promotes cardiovascular health in players. It is a sport that burns calories and improves bone strength. In fact, most parents in the USA encourage their kids into playing the game as they believe that it increases height and motor skills. He adds that basketball is a widely loved game. It can be played both at the competitive levels as well as in the local court. The sport engages your whole body, and so it wards away obesity and illness. It boosts flexibility, and so one never suffers from muscle stiffness if one plays regularly.

Basketball helps you mentally as well

Randal Benjamin also adds that basketball is a team game and winning or losing is not an individual affair- the whole team is involved. In short, you cannot win a game alone. Team spirit and management are very important in this game. Children who are encouraged to play basketball from a young age build strong social skills. They not only exercise, but they build friendships that last them for life.

Moreover, they also grow up to be more responsible. This is why he encourages kids to start playing the sport in their early years. It is not only fun, but it is effective enough to build character as well.

Randal Benjamin says there is no age for anyone to start playing basketball. If you love watching the sport, you can play it too. The biggest advantage of playing basketball is it boosts one’s immune system. It is a great stress buster. When you embrace basketball in your life, you will have greater energy to focus even on small tasks. It is a great therapy for those who are prone to depression. Playing basketball releases stress and this is why he encourages both kids and adults to play the game. It has numerous health benefits and is as entertaining as your favorite soap opera or web series on Netflix.