The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the World of Sports

Many sporting events were canceled after social distancing rules were imposed across the globe. For instance, the 2020 Olympics which is set to be celebrated in Tokyo, was postponed by 12 months. While the Japanese government is set that they will push through with the event on the scheduled date, many feel that postponing or rescheduling the Olympics makes sense.

Still, thousands of cases being recorded each in major countries and states all over the world. Respondents believe it only makes sense to rethink the date. Other international and global sports events were pushed back due to COVID-19 concerns.

How the Pandemic Made Athletes and Sports Fans Suffer

Due to the cancellations of games and training, many athletes are currently stressed out. This is not just because of the canceled games. Since most athletes spend their time training with their coaches and teams each day, the sudden disruption in their routine causes a mental health decline.

More athletes are experiencing feelings of anxiety, frustration, and depression. They worry about how the changes in their routine and training can impact their performance next season. The anxiety that comes with the threats of the pandemic only adds to their current stress.

Even as some sports are returning to resume their season, many are still wrestling for normalcy. Hugs, handshakes, and high-fives are encouraged while social distancing is implemented at all times. Athletes and journalists reported how lifeless games can be without the noisy crowd and chanting of sports fans in stadiums and arenas.

One may think that it is only the athletes that are majorly affected by the canceled games. In reality, even sports fans and enthusiasts are having a hard time dealing after their anticipated games were postponed indefinitely. Gone are the days when they can simply buy tickets just to escape reality even for a bit and enjoy watching games in real life.

Many sports enthusiasts were disappointed after games were canceled at a later date. They used to take watching their favorite teams play as a way to show their support and unwind. The pandemic shutting down sports games made their days a lot less interesting.

How the Sports Community Is Trying to Thrive Mid-Pandemic

Sports fans and enthusiasts found ways to cope with the new normal just to keep themselves entertained. Some turned to sports content. They watch free reruns of their favorite games while others are now taking up esports.

They try to stay in-tuned with the latest sports news both online and offline. Thankfully, numerous resources are available that anyone can visit at all times. Now, one can stay updated with their favorite teams and see what the latest news regarding Detroit Pistons are, for instance.

Athletes found a great way to interact with their fans while quarantining. They now make use of social media to keep in touch with their fans. They host live Q&As as a way to give back to their fans and get to know them better.

Different apps also emerged to help fans and athletes recreate an exciting sports event. Hear Me Cheer, for instance, allows fans watching from home to record their reactions. The app then grabs your audio, runs an acoustic effect, and relays it back onto the TV. The result is thousands of fans hollering in the background as their favorite teams compete against each other.

There are some organizations that launched documentary series of beloved NBA players. The Last Dance, for instance, is a 10-part documentary series starring Michael Jordan. ESPN premiered the series in April 2020.

We all can’t wait until sports return back to normal. We want to able to play our favorite sport without thinking about how the virus could only be hiding around the corner. Everyone is excited to their number one sports team play once again without the restrictions.

Many can’t wait to get back on stadiums and enjoy the game in real life. We want to be able to book tickets with our loved ones, choose a seat we want, and eat greasy and sugary food items offered in the sports complex. We also want to be able to cheer our hearts out every time someone from our favorite team gets to win a score.

We could all use a distraction as precious as watching a sporting event in real life. But unless the pandemic goes away, we will have to settle watching at a safe distance. We will have to utilize the technologies available to interact with our favorite teams and ask our questions via the internet.

There is no doubt that everyone who loves sports is triggered by the pandemic. It changed the way we play, watch our favorite games, and interact with our favorite teams. Until we can safely watch, cheer, and play safely, we will have to learn how to cope with the crisis the best way we can.